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New Staff Assistant (Grub)

Summer 2023

We are happy to hear that you are interested in a Staff Assistant (Grub) position with Outdoor Education Laboratory.  This position is filled with fun and learning while earning some money as well.  If you are wanting to be a Counselor in the years to follow, staff members that were Staff Assistants (Grubs) have an easier job of obtaining a Counselor spot than would non-Staff Assistant (Grub).  Due to OEL's popularity, most Staff Assistants (Grubs) will only be scheduled for two weeks.

As a Staff Assistant (Grub), you would have the following responsibilities:
*  Animal Care:  Clean the animal cages and give food and water.
*  Empty trash cans as needed
*  Sweep cabins and buildings
*  Sell soda during lunch and free time
*  Assist with animal holding periods
*  Assist Counselors with their activities
*  (Red Cedar Only)  Swimming Pool:  Skim top and empty skimmers

To be a Staff Assistant (Grub), you must be above the age of 14 due to Kansas state law.  If you are below that age but have completed seventh grade and would like to volunteer your time, you may request to do so (not many available -- regular Staff Assistant (Grub) is preferred).  A good rapport with children is required and a knowledge of nature is a plus.  You must be in the Greater Kansas City area and be able to work during the weekday for one to two weeks during the summer.

As a Staff Assistant (Grub), there are certain rules that you would be required to follow.  They are listed here so that you know what is expected of you before you apply.  Breaking these rules will result in your dismissal.
*  Ensure the safety and well-being of all campers and fellow staff members at all time
*  Be polite to campers and fellow staff members at all times.  No teasing of anyone will be tolerated.
*  Use appropriate language (no cussing)
*  Wear appropriate clothing
*  Have a positive professional attitude
*  While you will be a staff member, you must be supervised at all times.  You cannot take the liberty of going to the creek or off into the forest without a Counselor or Director accompanying you.
* Remember that this is a job.  You must be a professional staff member at all times (e.g. no cell phone usage will be allowed).
*  When you believe that you have finished all of your tasks for the time, check with the Director before choosing a Counselor to help.

Our compensation for Staff Assistants is based upon education.  Refer to the table below for your specific information.
Grade Completed Compensation

7th Grade

30 hours of community service hours (OEL is a 501c3)

8th Grade

15 paid hours (must be 14 by law)
15 hours of community service hours (OEL is a 501c3)

9th Grade

30 paid hours


Background Check
The Outdoor Education Laboratory may order a “consumer report” (a background report) or “investigative consumer report" on you in connection with your employment application, and if you are hired, or if you already work for the Outdoor Education Laboratory, may order additional background reports on you for employment purposes, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

The background check company, ADP Screening and Selection Services, will prepare the background report for the Outdoor Education Laboratory. ADP Screening and Selection Services is located at 301 Remington Street, Fort Collins, CO, 80524, and can be reached by phone at 800-367-5933 or at their Internet Web site address

The background report may contain information concerning your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, criminal history, and credit standing. An “investigative consumer report” is a background report that includes information from personal interviews. Information may be obtained from private and public sources and for investigative consumer reports from personal interviews as noted above. You may request more information about the nature and scope of an investigative consumer report, if any, by contacting the Outdoor Education Laboratory.

I give my consent for Outdoor Education Laboratory to conduct a background check as specified above.  I give my consent on this day, May 28, 2023.
I understand that if I do not give consent, I will not be considered for this position and will not be allowed to apply.



Agreement of Job Description and Qualifications
  I agree and desire to apply.
          By placing a checkmark in the box above, I signify that I have read all of the this page and agree with it.  I would like to continue to apply for a position with Outdoor Education Laboratory.




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