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The cookout has become an OEL tradition.  Each week, family members are invited to come out to visit camp and have lunch with their Campers.  OEL provides the open fire to cook over and you provide the rest.  You will need food to cook and something to cook it with (such as metal hangers stretched out or other store purchased equipment).

Following lunch, you may hold animals or be taken on a guided tour of the campsite by your Camper.  There will be a game of kickball also going on that you are welcome to partake in.  You can also take this time to meet with the Counselors and Director for the week.

If you will be taking your Camper home with you, the Camper needs to check-out with their Morning Counselor to help keep track of who has left.  Camp will run as normal after lunch and the buses will also run normally.


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