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Playing Kickball

Lunch Time

During the Lunch and Recreation Hour, in addition to time for eating their lunch, Campers will be given the chance to swim (at Red Cedar only), play kickball, care and hold animals, take a small group hike or special activity with a Counselor, talk with their friends around the Fire Circle, catch flies, and other nature-related activities as long as they are being supervised by a staff member.  It is up to the Camper as to which activities they partake in.

Campers are required to bring their own lunches and they can be stored in one of our refrigerators until Lunch Time.  We do provide soda pop at a reasonable cost.


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It's me, Pepper!Remember to make sure the lifeguard says that it is alright to enter the pool area.  Make sure you know and understand the rules so that you can enjoy all of your swim time without having to sit out.  Not certain what the rules are?  Click here.



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