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1. Campers must always ask an instructor before getting an animal out of its cage and should never try to catch or touch a wild animal.

2. When you have finished holding an animal, return the animal to the staff member in charge of Animal Holding for that session.

3. Do not wander away from your group; always listen for your group name.

4. Everything that is found at camp, stays at camp.  This includes plants and animals and anything else possibly found.

5. Listen carefully to instructions.

6. Keep your hands, feet, and other belongings to yourself at all times; no pushing or shoving.

7. If a camper has any questions or problems, they should talk to an instructor immediately.

8. These rules should be talked about between parents and children prior to arrival at camp.  Once out at camp, the rules will be reviewed to help ensure that everyone at camp has a safe and enjoyable experience.

At the Red Cedar location, there is a working pool that is supervised by a certified lifeguard.  If you would like to review the Pool Rules as they are posted out at camp, you can do so by clicking here.




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